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Pet Health Certificates 

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Pet health certificates are required for pets traveling both domestically within the United States and internationally. Different countries have different travel criteria, so we need to determine exactly what you'll need and what requirements you’ll have to meet in order for your pet to travel with you.  You will find information below to help you through the process of traveling with your pet. Note: If you are traveling to Australia or New Zealand we require you to work with a pet travel agency.

This process can be difficult so start planning at least two months in advance for domestic travel and four months in advance for international travel. If rabies titers are required, i.e. Hawaii, Australia, etc, it is likely that you may need more time for planning and testing. 

Pet Travel Checklist

Follow this checklist prior to visiting our office to obtain your pet's International Health Certificate.

Step 1

Fill out this form before proceeding to Step 2

Step 2

Visit the USDA’s Pet Travel Website and enter your destination country on the dropdown menu to learn its animal travel requirements. Every country is different, so be sure to write down all vaccines, tests, and medications your pet needs. 

Fill out our disclaimer regarding the process of getting an International Health Certificate here >

Step 3

Determine whether your destination requires you to fill out its own specific health certificate, or if it allows the USDA’s certificate, also known as APHIS Form 7001 — we can provide a copy if you do not have a printer.

Step 4

Is your pet implanted with a microchip?  Some destinations require this unique ID for your pet.  We can provide the required paperwork and help facilitate the chip registration process.

Step 5

Contact us at (512) 459-7676 to schedule an appointment once you've completed the checklist.

Print out the checklist and any country-specific paperwork, if necessary.

Remember, if you need us to, we can provide the APHIS Form 7001.

Step 6

We'll help complete the health and paperwork requirements at your appointment, then you can enjoy your trip with your pet!

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the more common questions we receive.

Dogs and cats only.

Sick animals are serious business, and countries want to make sure every animal that visits is healthy through vaccinations. However, vaccines don’t begin working immediately. A pet’s body takes time to build antibodies. This can often take months. Some countries even require a titer test, which measures your pet’s immunity to the disease it was vaccinated against.

Yes! Please contact us as soon as you are thinking about traveling with your pet so we can help you get started with your certification. Remember, it can take up to 6 months for your pet to become certified!


Call us at (512) 459-7676 or request an appointment online for your pet's health certificate.

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